Ebac CD30 - Alternative CD30e Option

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Ebac CD30 Modified

Light Commercial Dehumidifier

Nominal effective volume: 85m3
Max Extraction: 10.2 Lts Per Day at 30 deg C & 80%rh

Due to the unavailability of the CD30e until at least September 2020 we can offer you a modified standard CD30 with the options that would normally come with a CD30e. (1) Heated condensate tube which ensures heated drainage in freezing temperatures. (2) Wall brackets, and adjustable humidistat. (3) A separate wall mounted alarm humidistat with contacts  for remote monitoring.

Please Note:  No hour meter is fitted

Performance is identical to the Ebac CD30e. The only difference between this model and the CD30e is that no hour meter is fitted.


  • Adjustable Control Humidistat: Set your desired humidity level and the dehumidifier will automatically continue to run until it’s achieved whilst minimising running costs.
  • Optional - Separate wall-mounted alarm humidistat in enclosure.
  • Optional - Wall Mounting Brackets.
  • Optional - Heated condensate tube: which ensures heated drainage in freezing temperatures. Available in 2 lengths 1.5 or 3m
  • Standard Voltage: This industrial-grade dehumidifier plugs into a standard 220/240-volt outlet.
  • Powerful Airflow: Features a maximum airflow of 170 cubic feet per minute.
  • Hot Gas Defrost: Ensures the CD35 continues to work when the ambient temperature drops as low as 33 degrees.  It automatically melts away frost build-up for continued use in cold temperatures.


Brochure - User Manual

Out of stock - availability anticipated end October

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  • Suitable For Storage Areas And Cellars, Flood Restoration, Garages, Laboratories, Oil Rigs.
  • Single Speed Fan.
  • Variable Humidistat.
  • Hot Gas Defrost.
  • One Year Guarantee.
  • Max Extraction 10.2 LtsPer Day.
  • Fitted UK Plug.
  • Running Costs Approximately 2.5p Per Hour.
  • Weight 23kg.
  • Height 300, Width 304, Depth 550 (mm).
  • 350 Watts 230V 50Hz.
  • Free Standing.
  • Nominal Effective Volume 85m3.
  • Carrying Handles.
  • Gravity drain system