Ebac BD70 Dehumidifier / Building Dryer

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Features & Specifications

  • Suitable For Burst pipes, Roof Leakage, Deflooding, Carpet Shampooing.
  • 4 Castors.
  • Single Speed Fan.
  • Continues drainage facility requiring 1/2" i.d. drain hose.
  • 12 Months Guarantee.
  • 110V/230V Dual Voltage (230V Also Available).
  • Internal Voltage Selection Switch.
  • Hot Gas defrost For Low temperature Operation.
  • Carrying Handle
  • Weight 27kg.
  • Height 508, Width 305, Depth 305 (mm).
  • Power 350W Maximum.
  • Running Costs Approximately 2.5p per hr.
  • Extraction Rate Approximately 12lts per 24hrs at 30c & 80%rh. 
  • Nominal Effective Volume 100m3.

  • Ebac BD70 Dehumidifier / Building Dryer

    Ebac BD70 Small Building Dryer

    Nominal Effective Volume: 100m3
    Extraction Rate Approximately: 12lts per 24hrs at 30c & 80%rh.
    The Ebac BD70 dehumidifier / building dryer is medium capacity, an ideal choice for plasterers, decorators and the finishing trade when drying out single rooms and extensions. The Ebac BD70 is highly manoeuvrable for easy use, whilst still very durable for the construction industry.


    • Control: Constant dehumidification that is ideal for the building trades.
    • Refrigerant: R290 
    • Standard or Dual Voltage : This industrial-grade dehumidifier requires a standard 220/240-volt outlet. A Dual Volt 240/110vac model is an option.
    • Easy to Transport: With its caster wheels and a handle, you’ll easily be able to move it from room to room.
    • Powerful Airflow: Features a maximum airflow of 170 m3/hr. 
    • Gravity Drain: Condensate removal is a gravity drain hose only to a container or suitable drain point. There is no internal container.

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    Operational Simplicity

    Simplicity of operation is one of the major benefi ts of the EIP Ltd range. To dry out any building you need only to check that all doors and windows are closed, wheel the unit to a convenient location, connect to the supply and press the start button. Drainage of condensate from the machine is equally simple – either by connecting a hose to the drainage spout and leading it to a drain, or by placing a container under the spout.

    Rugged Construction - Years Of Service

    Over thirty seven years of development experience has brought the EIP Ltd range to its current peak of performance. Every machine is built for efficiency and built to last – the popularity of EIP Ltd Dryers with the plant hire trade speaks for their reliability, portability and outstanding durability thanks to the heavy duty welded steel construction.

    A Versatile Product

    Differing circumstances present different problems – but EIP Ltd Building Dryers have been designed to provide an effective solution whatever the situation. In newly built or partially completed buildings, EIP Ltd Dryers enable interior plaster, screeds and timberwork to be dried at a controlled rate. This means that decorators can work systematically, keeping to the required schedule, regardless of weather conditions.