Ebac RM40 Dehumidifier

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Suitable For Burst Pipes, Roof Leakage, Deflooding, Carpet Shampooing, Storage Area and Cellars.

  • Single Speed Fan.
  • Variable Humidistat.
  • Automatic Cut Off.
  • Hot Gas Defrost.
  • Integral 4 Liter Non Spill Water Container or gravity drain.
  • Robust Castors.
  • One Year Guarantee.
  • Max Extraction 10.2 Lts/Day.
  • Fitted UK Plug.
  • Running Costs Approximately 3.5p Per Hour if running constantly
  • Weight: 26kg.
  • Height: 550, Width 345, Depth 350 (mm).
  • Power: 250 Watts 230V 50Hz.
  • Nominal Effective Volume 85m3.
  • Carrying Handle
  • Pumped Version also Available

    RM45P is the pumped version that has an integral water pump with a 4.3m head for automatic discharge of condensate water to a remote drain.

Ebac RM40 Dehumidifier

Typical Extraction:
10L/Day at 27c & 60%rh
Nominal Effective Volume: 85m3

The Ebac RM40 Dehumidifier is a recent addition to the Ebac range of Rotational Moulded Polyethylene Housings. This durable housing, and EIPL’s years of experience with refrigeration systems, ensures the product not only looks the part, but is also capable of outperforming competitors models of similar capacities


  • Adjustable Control Humidistat: Set your desired humidity level and the dehumidifier will automatically continue to run until it’s achieved.
  • Hot Gas Defrost: Ensures the optimum extraction across the full operating spectrum.
  • Standard Voltage: This industrial-grade dehumidifier plugs into a standard 220/240-volt outlet.
  • Easy to Transport: With its caster wheels and a handle, you’ll easily be able to move it from room to room.
  • Powerful Airflow: Features a maximum airflow of 170 cubic feet per minute.
  • Washable Air Filter: A washable filter removes airborne particles and contaminants and saves you the cost and hassle of replacement filter costs.
  • Optional Condensate Pump: An optional fitted condensate pump & 7.8m drain hose is available for a more permanent installation. Should the pump fail at any time then the dehumidifier will automatically shut-off eliminating any water spill.

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