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 The Ebac RM65 & Ebac RM95 Dehumidifiers are designed with the water damage and restoration specialist in mind. This dehumidifier combines quick drying power with great mobility.This super durable housing ensures that the product is capable of outperforming the competition. The collapsible handle and semi-pneumatic tires ensure easy transport and manoeuvrability. It?s lightweight yet robust design is ideal for commercial and residential work. Its compact size permits one man operation, yet it has the capacity to handle several room size areas at a time. Some applications for the RM65 & RM95 include flood restoration, roof leaks, basements, cellars, laundry rooms, vehicle storage, laboratories, and offices.

Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier - Special Offer

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Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier

Typical Extraction: 50L/Day at 27c & 60%rh
Nominal Effective Volume: 350m3

The Ebac RM95 Dehumidifier is another addition to the Ebac range of Rotational Moulded Polyethylene Housings.  This super durable housing, and Ebac's years of experience with refrigeration systems, ensures the product not only looks the part, but is also capable of outperforming competitors models of similar capacities.

The RM95’s unique EEVC system, ensures the optimum extraction across the full operating spectrum.  Fitted with integral condensate pump inc 7.8m drain hose supplied. The RM95 is only available in single 240vac.

Please Note: The RM95 is not fitted with a humidistat control and will run until it is turned off.

Additional Features

  • Rotary Compressor - Ensures high-capacity moisture removal at the lowest running costs.
  • Fitted with integral condensate pump inc 7.8m drain hose supplied
  • Washable Air Filter - A washable filter removes airborne particles and contaminants and saves you the cost and hassle of replacement filter costs.
  • Integral Condensate Pump
  • Pump Purge Switch - Allows you to drain the condensate pump before moving the dehumidifier to a new location, preventing messy water spills.
  • Rotomolded Housing - Super durable housing ensures the RM95 is capable of outperforming competitors' models of similar capacities and is designed to safely stack units, greatly reducing storage and transportation costs.
  • Cord Wraps and Hose Tidies - Neatly store the electrical cord and drain hose using the cord wraps when the machine is not in use.

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