Ebac Dehumidifiers - Direct from AirControl Systems

Whenever there's a need for fast, reliable and energy efficient drying. EIPL Ebac Industrial and Commercial Dehumidifiers and Ebac Building Dryers are the answer. In new building construction, in renovation or alteration of existing buildings, or in special circumstances such as flooding, there is no quicker, surer or more economical way to reduce moisture content without risk of damage of the buildings materials than by using Ebac Industrial or Commercial Dehumidifiers or Building Dryers manufactured in the UK

EBAC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS LTD - with over 35-years in the design and development of Industrial Dehumidifiers

Ebac Commercial Dehumidifiers

Ebac Static Dehumidifiers

Static dehumidifiers to suit a wide-range of applications with many featuring a dual-voltage option and in-built condensate pumps.
Ebac Kompact Building Dryers

Ebac Building Dryers

Rugged & reliable Building Dryers for use in building construction or in special circumstances such as flooding.

Ebac Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers

Ebac Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

With in-built condensate pumps the WM range is useful in offices, restaurants, museums, computer rooms, garages, cellars, animal enclosures, salons etc.

Ebac Roto-Moulded Dehumidifiers

Ebac RM Dehumidifiers

The very durable RM range is ideal for wherever there is a need for fast & efficient drying. Featuring, condensate pump & dual voltage humidistat options.,
EIPL Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers ideal for cooler climates or when a low dew-point, deep drying or low humidity are required. control.

Ebac ECO Building Dryers

Ebac Eco Range Dryers

The new ECO range is a no-frills machines that require connection to a drainage point or a bucket and a 13-amp wall socket. Available in 3 models.
Ebac Large Static Dehumidifiers

Ebac Static Dehumidifiers

Large capacity dehumidifiers to suit the likes of sports halls, warehouses and factories.

Ebac PD Ducted Dehumidifiers

Ducted Dehumidifiers

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